VFW Complex/Fairgrounds


VFW Complex/Fairgrounds


1625 Bankhead Highway
Carrollton, Georgia 30117


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We need some bleachers. We would love to have them donated but are open to purchasing or leasing them. Lots of bleachers! 

If you know of a business that has closed or a company looking to upgrade theirs; please contact us at donations@vfwcomplex.org

We plan to expand our arena, adding a covered building for MANY uses including horse training and shows, rodeo, concerts, beach parties, car shows and etc. 

VOLUNTEERS: Anyone at anytime willing to help and support, your time and input will be so appreciated! Its so exciting to restore and bring back what at one time was a BIG marker to the Carrollton area. Let’s not ONLY restore the building BUT the importance of what it is: Veterans!!! ALL we do is focused on Veterans. No one does more for Veterans.

Upcoming Events

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