Reminders From The Department’s Office


If you have an EVENT (recruiting, health fair, job fair, feed the veterans, nursing home social, etc) planned between now and 31 December, and would like a little financial assistance (free money), send an email to Tony Dixon (adixon@humana.com) with the request.  He has offered at every district meeting, and has had only a few responses.  Deadline is TOMORROW, so it’s not too late! 

Also, if you have any VFW/Bass Pro Raffle stubs…please send stubbs and money to Headquarters.

Also, 4th quarter audit is now past due.

Also, register for the Department Convention, and get your Hotel Reservation made.

Also, Buddy Poppy drive for Memorial Day at your local Tractor Supply Store.

Also, get your post election report submitted, if not already done,

Also, Delegate fees, and New member admission fees have been mailed out,

Also, keep working membership!

Thanks for all you do,

Michael J. O’Steen

Department Adjutant

VFW Department of Georgia

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