Membership Update April 17th


GEORGIA VFW is on the move !!  We have 4 more posts that have recently reached the 100% membership plateau!  Please join Commander Sandberg in congratulating the following Post Commanders and members:

–Post 4784, Americus, Commander Tom Holloway,

–Post 4904, Bainbridge, Commander Hill Yates,

–Post 4995, Thomasville, Commander Franklin Knight, and

–Post 4583, Jesup, Commander Dan Jenkin

This now brings the Department of Georgia VFW to a total of 30 posts that have reached 100% or greater in membership! 

Additionally, we now have 4 Districts above 90%, and they are:

1st District, Commander Kevin Hammond, 97.08%

7th District, Commander Ken Stanis, 94.56%

6th District, Commander Curtis Talley, 91.02%, and

4th District, Commander Joe O’Neill, 90.17%

Keep up the good work! And remember RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT…..

Thanks for all you do,


Michael J. O’Steen

Department Adjutant

VFW Department of Georgia

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