Important Membership Announcement !!


Happy March!!! The year is rolling on by— March is Membership Month !!  If your post has not reached the 90% membership level, please do all you can to get unpaid members to renew their dues… Those posts that need 10 members or less, to reach 100%, need to scratch around and find a few new members, or some older members, and get them back into the post.  Recruiting is an everyday event!  Department of Georgia is still at the bottom of the National Organization membership roster…and WE can do better than this.

 We have 10 Post Officers that theirs membership will expire this month—Please Don’t let that happen…

Also, as a reminder—March meetings opens nominations for Post Officers…Elections are held in April, with installation in May…

ALL-State criteria closes on 30 April—Please check our website to see where you stand!!!

Department Raffle is underway….send ticket stubs and money to HQ—if you have questions please call…

Thanks for all you do,


Michael J. O’Steen

Department Adjutant

VFW Department of Georgia

(478) 474-3737

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  1. Brandy Creel says:

    Comrade O’Steen

    When was the change made on elections? In the past election nominations were made in April and the process goes from there. New officers will take office when National and District take there new positions. Will this be a new policy?

    We are adjusting the annual calendar for the post as needed. Is there somewhere I can go for district and national event calendars (i.e., quarterly meetings and conventions). Another example, It is now March and I just received notice of the National Convention for Jul 22-26 and registration started in February. Rooms are booking up fast. I am again behind the curve. I have committed the Post for the conference today but without knowing who else (new officers) want to go. Suggestions?

    Next Quartermaster Training? If I am elected???? I or the next Quartermaster need to know.

    My personal schedule is also filling up quickly with obligations. A heads up would be nice.

    As always, thank you for your help!


    Quartermaster, Post 7807

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