ALL STATE in the Department of Georgia VFW 2016-2017



Please join Commander Sandberg and Congratulate the following Posts and Districts for achieving the status of ALL STATE in the Department of Georgia VFW 2016-2017.


Post 2681        Marietta                       Commander Willie R. Guzman                      Quartermaster Clint White

Post 7402        Buchanan                    Commander  Richard M. Callahan                 Quartermaster Kevin F. Hammond


Post 5897        Lavonia                       Commander Johann W. Phillips                     Quartermaster Edward E. Helms

Post 7720        Cornelia                       Commander David W. Miles                          Quartermaster Michael A. Dale


Post 4180        Snellville                     Commander Jimmy T. Jackson                      Quartermaster James W. Lynch

Post 4706        Decatur                       Commander Betty R. Turner                          Quartermaster Ronnie L. Cook

Post 5255        Lawrenceville              Commander John Veverka                             Quartermaster George H. Bradley

Post 6330        Jonesboro                    Commander Barry R. Wearne                        Quartermaster Leonard D. Ott

Post 12002      North Fulton               Commander James B. Swain                          Quartermaster James C. Davis


Post 6445        Harlem                        Commander John W. Giles                             Quartermaster Janie M. Gray


Post 2667        Newnan                       Commander John H. Skinner                          Quartermaster Robert M. Ward

Post 3650        Fayetteville                 Commander Ronald W. Stubbs                    Quartermaster Thomas R. Morris

Post 9949        Peachtree City             Commander Stony R. Lohr                             Quartermaster Douglas (Doug) R. Gray

Post 12110      Columbus                    Commander Donald R. Anthony                    Quartermaster David B. Eaton


Post 6605        Warner Robins            Commander Gary D. Tisdale                          Quartermaster Martha (Carol) Hurst

Post 10825      Statesboro                   Commander Dean A. Rakoskie                      Quartermaster Chris M. Goodson

Post 10925      Soperton                      Commander Shane Scott                                Quartermaster Joel Edge


Post 4392        Thunderbolt                Commander Gary M. Schubert                       Quartermaster Bonnie L. Jacobs

Post 4583        Jesup                           Commander Daniel W. Jenkin                        Quartermaster Roger D. Simmons

Post 6602        Hinesville                    Commander Stephen H. Wheeler                   Quartermaster Glenn M. Hurt

Post 8385        Kings Bay                   Commander Patsy E. Schreiber                      Quartermaster Kathryn A Walker


Post 4742        Cordele                       Commander Michael T. Irish                         Quartermaster Alvin L. Penny

Post 4995        Thomasville                 Commander Frank L. Knight                         Quartermaster Gregory P. Thweatt

Post 8433        Cairo                           Commander Harold L. Roberts                      Quartermaster Douglas D. Taylor


District 1         Commander Kevin F. Hammond                   Quartermaster Donald E. Henry

District 3         Commander James W. Lynch                         Quartermaster Dean E. Smith


A Great Big CONGRATULATIONS to the 24 Posts and 2 Districts that have earned the recognition of All State as of 11 May 2017 !!! 


Thank you comrades for a job WELL DONE !!!

Recognition for All American is within your grasp—it will be the top 35 Posts and top 15 Districts on June 30th—top in membership—good luck to our All State Team.


Thanks for all you do,  



Michael J. O’Steen

Department Adjutant

VFW Department of Georgia

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